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Major renovation of ACU’s Moody Coliseum to begin in December

By on November 12, 2020 in Campus News, Sports with 13 Comments

The half-century-old domed home of Abilene Christian University’s basketball games, volleyball matches, Chapel services, Sing Song performances and Commencement ceremonies – to name a few – will receive a significant upgrade over the next two years.

“Moody Coliseum is at the heart of many of our campus traditions and is a critical part of our athletics program,” said Dr. Phil Schubert, ACU president. “After 52 years, it’s time to invest in improvements that will bring Moody up to par with our NCAA Division I programs and the many other events for which we need a large gathering space.”

Fundraising for the project is underway, and Moody’s transformation will be a major component of the university’s next comprehensive campaign.

Renovations to main seating in the coliseum will focus on improving fan experience, with additional leg room, larger seats in some sections, improved accessibility all around and the addition of a 2,000-square-foot hospitality room. To achieve those improvements, the capacity will be reduced from approximately 4,100 to about 3,600.

ACU’s men’s and women’s basketball teams will be perhaps the most significant beneficiaries of the upgrades and additions.


North view of planned renovation of Moody Coliseum.

“I can think of no other facility upgrade that has the potential to impact our programs like the Moody renovation project,” said Allen Ward, director of athletics. “I firmly believe that having a state-of-the-art arena will take us to a new level and demonstrate to recruits how committed we are to ACU competing at the highest level.”

Several additions to the facility are designed to support the success of student-athletes, such as a strength and conditioning area, practice courts and an academic center.

“Obviously, this will help in recruiting, game-day atmosphere, and so on, but more importantly is player development,” said Joe Golding, men’s head basketball coach. “Our guys now will have 24-hour access throughout the year to work on developing their body and skill level. That is how you attract great players and continue to sustain a championship program. Development of the student-athlete is everything in today’s Division I landscape.”

Once renovated, Moody will continue to house the offices for volleyball and basketball staff, and athletics administration will move there from the Teague Center. Locker rooms, the training room, restrooms and concessions area will also see upgrades.

“We have always felt there was a little ‘Moody Magic’ in our home-court advantage, and moving forward, we will definitely have an advantage but not just on the actual play court,” said Angela Mooney, head volleyball coach. “The renovation of Moody is going to allow us to compete on a whole new level when it comes to recruiting. Everyone who enters the new Moody will be experiencing something very special. We are so thankful for the vision and support of our administration on campus and in the athletic department as well as the generous donors who are making all of this possible.”


South view of planned renovation of Moody Coliseum.

The exterior will have a new face and footprint with the addition of a north tower and south tower, each three stories tall. In the north tower, the first floor will be a lobby and main entrance, the second floor will be administrative offices, and the third floor will house basketball offices. The south tower will feature a grand two-story entrance and lobby, and the hospitality area will be on the third floor. 

Chapel, Sing Song, Commencement and other campus activities will continue to take place in Moody after renovations are complete, and the design of the new facility kept those needs in mind. Plans include a section of removable seating to allow for a stage area that will be useful in Sing Song and Commencement, and the design allows for better camera positioning and access for ACU-TV’s recording and broadcasting of games and events.

Renovations are scheduled to be complete by August 2022. For this season, basketball games and volleyball matches will take place in the Teague Center, where a wood floor has already been put in place and bleachers will be installed. Plans are being made for a soft opening of Moody next winter that would allow some events and games to take place even before all aspects of the renovation are complete.

“Especially in 2020, for our ACU board, administration and generous donors to move forward on this financial endeavor is another exclamation point on their commitment to Wildcat athletics,” said women’s head basketball coach Julie Goodenough. “Our staff and players will be able to enjoy the phenomenal Moody upgrades including new offices, locker room, training room, video room, practice facilities, weight room, etc. These improvements will allow us the opportunity to recruit players who may not have been interested in ACU otherwise. After seeing the renderings of Moody, I believe our facility will rival or surpass every college basketball venue in the Southwest.”

Learn more about where to give to be a part of the Moody renovation.

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  1. (the other) David Wallace says:

    I was a senior in ‘80 and had the pleasure of watching and covering—for the Optimist and KACU—that great team that Willard Tate took to the NAIA national tournament. One other memory of Moody that stands out is a non-stop 24-hour game we had in there for charity. Anybody could take part, and we went in shifts all night long. A lot of fun!

  2. Lance Fleming says:

    So many memories of Moody Coliseum from before I was student through my time working at ACU. Games, Chapel, Sing Song, Graduation and many more that flood my mind every time I think of Moody. So glad the university is making these much-needed renovations to Moody and giving our athletics teams the space they need to be as competitive as possible at the Division I level. Great days are ahead!

  3. Lee Fletcher says:

    This is so, so cool! Love the vision and agree this will be great for the school…not just athletics. Man, I’ve got some great memories from that place.

  4. Kenn Norris says:

    When I was there, Dee Nut coached, Buddy Tarver, Bob McCloud, Jim Womack and others I can not bring to memory right now played in the old gym not much bigger than the flat bed of today’s 18 wheelers. Happy to hear of the renovation to keep up with the big folk.

  5. Byron Williamson says:

    Thrilled to hear you’re doing a remodel. I was honored as an ACU Cheerleader to lead the first yell in Moody! Still remember the moment!

  6. Lynn Waller says:

    Thanks for a highly informative news item. It makes me look forward to the new Moody Coliseum.

  7. Lisa R McLeroy says:

    I remember having my name on the back of the seat. Will that go away?

  8. Tim Perkins says:

    I was there when it was built…and now you tell me it’s been a half-century? Thanks a lot! 🙂

  9. Joshua Bradley says:

    Making it look nice

  10. Brian Stuary says:

    How long will it take to complete the renovations to Moody Coliseum?

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