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  • Campus a fall oasis for southbound Monarchs

    Each year, Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus), also known as milkweed butterflies and “King Billy” butterflies, make an amazing multi-generational migration from as far north as Canada to their winter homes in southern Mexico and California. This journey – like that of migratory birds such as snow geese, cormorants and pelicans which frequent West Texas – […]

  • ACU Remembers: Ken Rasco

    After 23 years (1927-50), Clara Bishop was a hard act to follow as registrar of Abilene Christian University. But Kenneth Hugh Rasco (’48) bettered her longevity mark in the Registrar’s Office with a record career spanning 35 years (1950-85). And if you were one of the tens of thousands of students to attend ACU during […]

  • Landscape crew inherited Sheriff’s green thumb

    Abilene Christian University students chipped in to buy groundskeeper Jim S. “Sheriff” Burgess a suit of clothes for his 80th birthday in 1956. When he retired in 1960 at age 84, they gave him a rocking chair, a hat and a double-barrel shotgun. The Sheriff was that beloved on campus, having planted trees and nurtured flowerbeds, served […]

  • Camp Confessions: It’s all in the (Nall) family

    This begins a series of posts over the next six days about the Leadership Camps that make an otherwise slightly sleepy university campus each summer ring with the sounds of young people having the time of their lives. This is the 30th year for Abilene Christian University to host a series of camps (KidQuest Day […]

  • It’s Monarch time in West Texas once more

    It’s Danaus plexippus – Monarch butterfly – time again in West Texas. That’s the end-of-September, early-October period when our sunny days, cool nights and relatively windless afternoons make the pecan trees on Abilene Christian University’s campus a haven for tens of thousands of the insects as they migrate from the Midwest and Northeast to Mexico […]

  • 106th year begins, unofficially, at Nine O’Clock

    Before another 11 a.m. Opening Assembly begins with familiar strains of music played by the Big Purple Band, even before the first 8 a.m. Monday class of a new school year, Abilene Christian University students gathered for the first campus-wide activity of the school year: worship. Several hundred students were in the auditorium of nearby […]

  • Historical marker to note ACU’s first campus

    Abilene Christian University’s original campus will be highlighted later this year when a spot near ACU’s first home will be designated with a historical marker familiar to many Texans. The Texas Historical Commission recognizes places of significance with large cast plaques such as the one in front of ACU’s Hardin Administration Building, one of eight […]