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7 things we love about ACU in the fall

By on November 26, 2019 in Features

All people talk about is pumpkin spice, but there are a million more reasons why fall is our favorite season here at ACU. From football games that bring generations of ACU alumni together to cozy coffee dates, the new season brings old traditions and new ones to campus. We’re sharing our seven favorite ways to celebrate the fall season at ACU. 

1. Homecoming

There’s no better feeling than coming home, and coming to ACU in the fall is always a treat. From homecoming breakfasts to a spirited parade, the weekend is jam packed with fun activities, catching up with friends and celebrating the beauty of community that makes ACU one of a kind. Homecoming is an event best celebrated together.

2. ACU Sports

No matter the season, there’s something for everyone. This time of year, intramural and club sports are in full swing. Whether it’s pickle ball or rugby, there’s usually an exciting game to watch or participate. If you’re on campus and need a study break, attending home games for volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, tennis and golf are the perfect way to get a change of scenery and cheer on the Wildcats.

3. Studying outside

As the weather finally cools down, students enjoy spending time together outside (and studying, of course). There are many spots on campus that are perfect for hanging up a hammock or spreading out a blanket and crossing some homework off the to do list and enjoying the cooler weather at the same time.

4. Walks around the Lunsford

Walks around the Lunsford Foundation Trail are one of the best ways to catch a beautiful sunset or find a friend. If you decide to take a stroll around the 2-mile path, chances are you’ll greet a furry puppy on the way around. What’s not to love?

5. All the Coffee

With the new fall season, you might try warming up with a delicious cup of coffee. There are several spots on campus to get your coffee and caffeine fix. A favorite hidden gem is The Crossing Cafe in the Mabee Business Building. If you’ve had your fill of pumpkin spice for the season, try out the Honey Lavender Latte — you won’t regret it!

6. Fall Foliage

Live oak. Pecan. Texas Cedar Elm. These are just a variety of trees planted across ACU’s 262-acre campus. You know the season is coming when you see the foliage start to change from a lively green to beautiful autumn colors. It’s truly magical!

7. Discovering Abilene

There’s more to explore than what’s on campus. From visiting the pumpkin patch at Disabilities Resources, Inc. (DRI) to watching the annual City Sidewalks Christmas parade in downtown, fall is a beautiful season no matter where you are in Abilene!

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