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Stanley Shipp’s influence spanned generations

By on August 31, 2015 in Academic News, Alumni News with 1 Comment
Stanley Shipp and Max Lucado

Stanley Shipp and Max Lucado

It was an easy decision to seek an author from the Lucado household for a Second Glance essay about the late Stanley Shipp (’46) in ACU Today’s Spring-Summer 2015 issue.

But the call went to Andrea (’08), middle daughter of Max (’77), the San Antonio minister and best-selling author who is her dad. She quickly said “yes.”

Max has spoken and written widely about the influence of Shipp, whom he calls his “father in the faith,” after a year he spent as an intern with him in the late 1970s in St. Louis, Mo.

As a senior at Abilene Christian University, Andrea was my student editorial assistant. She was an unflappable English major with an eye for detail who was a quick study of the Associated Press Stylebook and a valuable member of our award-winning team in Creative Services.

Andrea Lucado

Andrea Lucado

She earned a master’s degree in English from Oxford (England) Brooks University in 2009 and worked as a proofreader, editorial assistant and publicist for publishing giant Thomas Nelson. Now she is forging her way as a full-time freelance writer whose blog, English Lessons [], is gaining readers every day.

Andrea said the Shipps became de facto members of the Lucado family while she was growing up, with memories still strong of Marie Shipp’s cooking and kindness. She observed her father’s faith and his relationship with Stanley from close quarters as well as from afar, and offers this excellent look back at his influence:

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Ron Hadfield

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About the Author:

Ron Hadfield is editor of ACU Today magazine and assistant vice president for university communication at Abilene Christian, where he began work in 1983 overseeing Creative Services at his alma mater.

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  1. Ingrid Christensen says:

    I knew them briefly as my fiancé was a member of the McKnight Road Church of Christ in St Louis. Loving people

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