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Earline Perry advanced her husband’s vision

By on June 10, 2013 in Alumni News, Campus News with 1 Comment
ACU president Dr. Phil Schubert presents Earline Perry with the 2013 Dale and Rita Brown Outlive Your Life Award.

ACU president Dr. Phil Schubert presents Earline Perry with the 2013 Dale and Rita Brown Outlive Your Life Award.

Earline (Davidson ’48) Perry may have lost her husband, Lowell (’47), 36 years ago in a tragic accident, but not his love for World Christian Broadcasting and spreading the gospel to people around the world.

Perry, a professor of journalism and mass communication and founder of on-campus radio station KACU, died March 25, 1977, when a plane in which he and two others were traveling crashed over the Caribbean island of Martinique while they were researching possible locations for a shortwave radio tower.

His widow encouraged WCB to persevere through some tough times, and today it reaches billions of people through 20 hours of broadcasting each day in Chinese, Russian and English.

Earline’s quiet philanthropy and faithful influence as a WCB board member helped Abilene Christian University decide to honor her with the Dale and Rita Brown Outlive Your Life Award at Commencement on May 11, 2013.

The Outlive Your Life award is named for its first recipients – Dale and Rita Brown – and takes it name from the 2010 book by Max Lucado (’77). The award recognizes all types of servant-leadership exhibited by friends or alumni of the university.

Earline is the mother of three ACU grads: David (’73), Susan (’77) and Greg Perry (’84). Three of her four grandchildren also graduated from Abilene Christian.

In our Fall-Winter issue this December, look for a profile of her work and WCB’s influence on global missions.

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  1. Rob Browne says:

    Love Earline Perry. Love all the Perrys! What a legacy of faith they are and what reach they have … literally to the ends of the earth. And if Greg has anything to do with it, that 4th grandchild will be ACU-bound one day as well.

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